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  1. Privacy Policy

Your Rights To Privacy Honoured Here

This section constitutes the Privacy Policy for this website. We respect your privacy and will honour your rights to privacy. We want you to use this site with complete confidence.

Here we outline what kind of information we may collect from you and how we may share it.

We will not share your details with third parties for the purposes of direct marketing. We won’t share your details with anyone except in the following unusual cases:

  1. A) where we are required to do so by law
  2. B) where we deem it to be necessary in our defence in the unlikely case of a dispute or litigation

We don’t need access to your private data at all. Other than the instances A) and B) mentioned above we operate without collection or reference to any of your information except the contact details you provide and professional information required for Jon Davidson to assist you in the proper accomplishment of his work.

Your rights to privacy include disclosure of any information that we might hold about you within a reasonable time frame, upon request accompanied by positive proof of your identity. For a nominal sum of up to twenty pounds Stirling, Jon will send you any information that we might have about you, please note that we will only share this with you when provided with positive proof of your identity and there may be no charge if there’s no information to show you.

Your rights to privacy include the partial or total erasure of any personal information that we might hold about you if you wish, again this would require a formal written request on your part accompanied by generally acceptable positive proof of your identity and the process may involve a small fee for time expended.

Your privacy rights also include the right to be informed of any physical or digital data breach discovered as soon as possible after its known occurrence, within 72 hours of its occurrence. This would include a lost note-book, organizer, letter or parcel, and briefcase or any electronic device lost, stolen or hacked if it contained your data. You will be made aware of the nature of the breach and the time of the breach, if known.

It is a criminal offence to invade rights to privacy and we will assist the authorities in the persecution of any body who interferes with our working security arrangements.

Study of aggregated visitors’ data for our service improvement.

To improve this site’s function as a publicity and communication system for Food Safety Management we reserve our right to collect, store, and analyse aggregated data from visits to the website on our server. In addition to viewing visitor numbers, we may also collect, store and analyse such simple, aggregated visitors’ statistics that are made available to us via our server, such as frequency and dates of visits to the various pages of this site (the options include visitors’ I.P. Addresses but these aren’t useful except to law enforcement, browser and operating system types, country of visitors and referring sites where relevant) and we may use this data to gauge popularity of our pages and improve our services. No other use of this data would be made by us except to improve our service and declare this site’s popularity.

Contact details provided by customers and prospective customers may be used by Jon Davidson to communicate with those members of the public for the purposes of satisfying their need for his professional services, all personal details submitted to him are stored securely, and are not retained for longer than necessary to serve their purpose and will be destroyed when no longer necessary.

Our server account is password protected and the website protected by secure socket layer technology.