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Food Safety Management Ltd.

Managing food safety safely since 2002

Tel. 07855780518

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I am Jon Davidson, Managing Director of Food Safety Management Ltd. My firm provides Quality Assurance & Quality Control, hygiene training & HACCP support to a growing number of satisfied clients; all small & medium sized businesses that appreciate cost-effective and efficient outsourcing of food safety management service functions:

• Certified Food Hygiene & HACCP training.

• Internal Auditing of quality systems to BRC requirements.

• Writing and implementing quality management and HACCP   systems bespoke to customers needs.

• Advising on production methods and mechanisms for optimum   efficiency.

• Liaising and working with local authorities (EHO & TSO) to obtain    the required standards.

• Auditing companies to recognised standards such as the BRC   and customer specific auditing protocols.

• Completing & managing specifications to defined formats such   as Hamilton Grant or customers own design.

• Factory hygiene auditing & cleaning schedules.

• Supplier auditing function to customers specifications.

Food Safety Management Ltd. Facts At A Glance.

Established by Director, Jon Davidson in 2002 to meet the needs of small and             medium sized enterprises that need top quality food safety management             consultancy at affordable rates.

        ●  Grade A Results

I currently manage a range of companies ranging from food manufacturers to large wholesale and source & supply based food solutions specialists.  All are approved to nationally recognised standards such as BRC Food Version 5, BRC Packaging and WH&D in the food industry to Grade A.

• Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety Management

• BA Food Production Management Systems

• CIEHO Advanced Food Hygiene

• RIPHH Diploma in Meat & Poultry Hygiene

• D32 NVQ Training Assessors Cert.

• HND Food Production and Development

• RABQSA-AU - Management Systems Auditing

• RABQSA-TL - Leading Management Systems Audit Teams

• Associateship of The Institute of Meat

About Food Safety Management Ltd.        

All clients approved at Grade A to BRC Global Food Standard and Higher Levels at Wholesale Storage and Distribution.

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