Food Safety

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Food Safety Management Ltd.

Managing food safety safely since 2002

Tel. 07855780518

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Quality assurance

At Food Safety Management we use state-of-the-art quality assurance and quality control procedures ensuring your business is up-to-date with current trends and legislative requirements.

  Current training

We train to nationally recognised standards.

  Tailor made systems

We design bespoke systems for your business needs.

Lead assessor auditing                     

We are fully trained and certified in internal and external lead assessor auditing for all your internal and external supplier requirements.

Food safety Management Ltd. can assist your business with:


●  Traceability

● Quality assurance

● Quality control

● Supplier auditing

● Food labelling

● Specification

● Factory hygiene

● Supplier auditing

● Training in food hygiene, quality control, quality assurance, standards and practices

Food safety and traceability are at the heart of all food manufacturing operations. Are your systems up-to-date with current legislative requirements and practices? We can help ensure full compliance.

Excellent track record of getting clients approved to the highest standards of the BRC!

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At Food Safety Management we undertake the management of many of the differing disciplines of quality assurance and quality control within your business.

With over 10 years experience within the manufacturing environment we can offer solutions on many different disciplines within the small to medium-sized food manufacturing work place.

Continual changes in legislation are affecting the technical function of all food enterprises.

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